Our Story

Visal Sam

Personal style, beauty and fashion have long been a source of inspiration for Visal Sam, the creative force behind Visette. Visal is a woman of absolute determination and contrasts. Her drive and ambition for her career as a commodities broker, and now as an owner of Visette, was borne of a childhood shaped by Cambodia’s civil war.
Surrounded by hunger and tragedy, she found solace in the beautiful. “Imagine that all the people are dressed the same, and all you see is black. This is what made me embrace color and shape and ignited my love of fashion,” she recalls.
“Many people come to fashion with the perspective that they need an occasion to dress up,” says Visal. “I have one thing to say to that.  Your life is the occasion.”
Visal asserts that her taste is largely grounded in classic films where women – and men – are always well dressed. “It reminds me of that line ‘I’m ready for my close up,’” she says with a wink. “Everyone knows that line and you should be able to say that all the time.”
An advocate of beauty as a source of empowerment, Visal sees fashion as a proactive way for women to engage with the world around them, step outside their comfort zones, and make a splash. We all know how good it feels when someone says “Wow, you look amazing -- where did you get that?”

Visette Boutique

Visette Boutique interior
At Visette Boutique, we invite you to discover your own personal style in our artfully curated collection of refined, timeless, yet fashion-forward dresses. We select our dresses from the European fashion centers of France and Italy, as well as from more obscure and yet-to-be-discovered studios from places like Turkey, Portugal, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We are a one-of-a-kind boutique in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill district that showcases emerging local and international designers, many exclusive to Visette.
We are passionate about empowering women and readily available to help you discover and explore styles that express your authentic personal style.
Visette is an inviting space to expand your fashion comfort zone. We stand by you and guide you as you redefine a wardrobe that is in step with your busy and varied lifestyle