Visette Spring Collection Show: Meet Designer Kate S Mensah

Fashion Designer Kate S Mensah from Seattle

It’s hard to be distracted from staring at a rack of stunning dresses with rich fabrics and striking lines. But when the equally stylish designer of those clothes is standing next to the rack, it is impossible not to be captivated by her charm. And Kate S Mensah, a petite fashion design icon exudes swagger in tandem with her irresistible charm. What else would you would expect from an accomplished Seattle designer?

The craftsmanship and overall design lean towards couture. When I asked Kate what inspires her, she shared her personal belief that all women should embrace their inner beauty and their story. She said it is her clients who inspire her.

There is a balance of artist and passion at play in her work. She explained her goal is to give her clients a story with her dresses and accessories.  Kate has mastered merging textures, color and a bit of restraint to provide an unapologetic pop in her designs. It might be subtle, but the Kate S Mensah signature is unmistakable.

I discovered that in the span of her fashion career, she has earned a devoted following and the respect of the fashion community.  But the accolades don’t seem to have impacted her bright enthusiasm and charm.

It is in this regard that she reminds me so much of Visal, the founder of Visette. They both share a commitment and passion for making women look and feel beautiful, and they both clearly revel in the power of inner beauty as it is magnified by outer beauty.  There was an energetic crowd at Visette’s spring collection open house, but there was surely only one Kate.

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