Visette Spring Collection Show Draws New and Existing Customers

Among the many interesting and lovely guests at Visette’s recent Spring Collection Show on March 23, I had the pleasure of meeting one of Visal’s first and, possibly most enthusiastic clients.

In 2014, Angel Suhardi was a college student from Indonesia living in an apartment building behind the future home of Visette. In briefly talking with Angel, she struck me as a kindred spirit to Visal.

Angel comes from a family that prides themselves on making their own clothes, maybe not all of them, but definitely the dresses. This instilled in her an appreciation of great design, individuality and being unique.

In talking to Angel, I discovered someone who values distinctiveness and is not afraid to stand out, maybe just a bit or maybe a lot, but individual style is clearly in her DNA.

A little more than a year ago, Angel was hosting a holiday party for her co-workers at her place on Capitol Hill. She was desperately in search of a great dress. She said she looked at the many stylish stores that had some beautiful fashions, but there was a sense of sameness, and nothing moved her. That’s when she deliberately made her way into Visette and met Visal.

Once inside the beautiful dress shop, it was immediately apparent she found someone who shared her commitment to individuality and style.  In the end, Angel bought—as she explains it—a simple but dramatic yellow dress that “helped me make an entrance.”

I was captivated by Angel, but most compelling was her personal philosophy for dressing. I asked her: Who do you base your style on? She didn’t hesitate and quoted Alexa Chung. “Dress like you know everyone is looking.”

It was like she was channeling Visal. And it was clear why they share a fondness and friendship that continues today.

Come into the store to see our spring collection for yourself.

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